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calf herefordHospice has been caring for residents in Southland and the Wakatipu Basin for over 29 years and your support for our Calves for Hospice fundraiser will mean it is possible for us to continue caring for the growing needs of our patients and their families.

How does it work?

  • Raise an extra calf or more until they are weaned early October to late November.
  • Calves are easily identified with a Hospice ear tag.
  • Calves are then picked up and sold. This is arranged by us.
  • All proceeds raised go to Hospice Southland.

All we need is your commitment to rearing a calf which will be weaned before the sale date.

What do you need to do?

  • To support Calves for Hospice, register online using the form at the bottom OR download the following pdf file, fill it out and post it to us at the address given on the flyer.

Download Calves for Hospice registration flyer.

  • We will then send out your registered ear tags.
  • You will be contacted a week before collection to allow ample time for you to have your calf/calves ready.

Every Calf donated….

As a thank you, you will receive 5 free tickets for the Hospice Southland Christmas Raffle:

  • A Trailer full of goodies and groceries.
  • A Mystery Weekend with Air New Zealand.


  • We will also be giving away, to the owner of the heaviest Beef and Friesian calf, one tonne of calf meal to the value of $500 each, donated by Sgt Dan and Farm Source. Preference is for Beef Cross or straight Friesian calves.

This year the sale day is set for 30 November 2021 and calves will be picked up from your property the day before. Prior to this we will contact you by phone.

*You will need to tag the calf with your own EID and complete NAIT paperwork as the calf will be sold.

All calves must be NAIT tagged and registered.

Calves for Hospice online registration form

Fields marked with * are required.

Declaration: I/we confirm our property has not been subject to cattle movement restrictions as part of the M. Bovis eradication plan and we will inform Hospice should this change prior to our calf/calves being picked up for sale.

To confirm you agree with this statement, type you name below, please: