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We welcome you to join our very dedicated group of volunteers.

Why Do People Volunteer?

  • To feel useful
  • To learn and develop skills
  • To fully utilise their skills
  • For company and friendship
  • To gain experience
  • To give something back
  • To be a valued member of the community
  • To ultilise free time in a purposeful way
  • To be appreciated and accepted

How to Apply to be a Volunteer with Hospice Southland

Download an application form or use the Hospice Southland online application form for Volunteers.

Contact Hospice Southland for more information about being a volunteer.

Areas where volunteers are needed:

At the In-Patient Unit

  • Meal Preparation

Preparing a lunch time or dinner time meal from the menu for our patients

  • Housekeeping

Maintaining a clean environment and homelike atmosphere for our patients and their families

  • Gardening
  • Flowers

Providing flower arrangements or vases of flowers within the hospice

  • Baking

Be part of a group that provide baking for the enjoyment of the patients and their families

At Day Hospice

  • Activities and general support of the programme

Assisting patients with activities set by the Day Hospice Coordinator. A healthy sense of humour required!


  • General administration duties, assisting with general office tasks
  • ‚ÄčData entry

Public Relations

  • Fundraising (Events)

Collecting at our Annual Street Day Appeal in March, the Trees of Remembrance in December, helping with fundraising events throughout the year and much more.

Hospice Shop

  • Front of shop
  • Sorting, packing and cleaning
  • Deliveries and pick up